1. Introduction Pdf Bilingual (BL)

2. The elements of urban form Pdf BL

3. Agents and processes of urban transformation

      Agents Pdf BL

      Processes Pdf BL

4. Cities in History Pdf BL

5. Contemporary urban forms Pdf BL

6. The study of urban form: different approaches

     Established methodologies

     Emerging methodologies

7. From theory to practice Pdf BL

8. Cross-disciplinary links with different bodies of knowledge Pdf BL

9. Conclusions Pdf BL

'An interview with Prof. JWR Whitehand'


i. Introduction Pdf

ii. The portuguese planning system Pdf

  • The 2006 Plano Director Municipal of Porto: Part I Pdf Part II Pdf

iii. The absence of planning / informal urbanization Pdf

iv. The physical dimension of planning:

  • environment Pdf
  • urban form Pdf
  • accessibility Pdf

v. The social dimension of planning: Social Impact Assessment Pdf

vi. The economic dimension of planning Pdf

vii. Evaluation in urban planning Pdf