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Book translation by Oliveira V and Monteiro C, 2022, of MRG Conzen (1969) Alnwick, Northumberland, a study in town-plan analysis, Institute of British Geographers Publication 27, London.

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Oliveira V (2022) Urban morphology. An introduction to the study of the physical form of cities - 2nd edition, Springer, Cham.

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Oliveira V (ed.) (2021) Morphological research in planning, urban design and architecture, Springer, Cham.

Book review by Ezquerra 2022

Diferentes abordagens

Oliveira V (ed.) (2020) Diferentes abordagens em morfologia urbana. Contributos luso-brasileiros. Urban Forms. Porto. 2nd edition.

Book review by Rego 2021.

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Oliveira V (ed.) (2019) JWR Whitehand and the historico-geographical approach to urban morphology, Springer, Cham.

Book review by Gauthier 2019.

Photograph of the book launching in Birmingham, December 2018.

Video of the 4th ISUF-h conference in Barcelona, September 2020.

Planeamento Urbano capa

Oliveira V (ed.) (2018) Planeamento urbano: investigação, ensino e prática profissional, Afrontamento, Porto.

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Oliveira V (ed.) (2018) Teaching urban morphology, Springer, Cham.  

Book review by Buongiorno 2018, Djordjevic 2020Lovra 2020 and McClure 2019.


Oliveira V (ed.) (2018) Diferentes abordagens em morfologia urbana. Contributos luso-brasileiros. Urban Forms. Porto

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Oliveira V (2016) Urban morphology. An introduction to the study of the physical form of cities, Springer, Cham.

Persian translation by Mazyar Abaee.

Book Reviews by Bugarski 2020Fernandes and Limoli 2019Garcia-Perez 2018, Matos 2018 and Unlu 2018.


Oliveira V, Marat-Mendes T, Pinho P (eds.) (2015) O estudo da forma urbana em Portugal, Edições UP, Porto.

ISUF2014 Book Cover   ISUF2014 Book Cover

Oliveira V, Pinho P, Mendes L, Patatas T, Monteiro C (eds.) (2014) Our common future in urban morphology, FEUP, Porto . Vol. I and Vol. II

A evolução das formas urbanas de Lisboa e do Porto

Oliveira V (2013) A evolução das formas urbanas de Lisboa e Porto nos séculos XIX e XX, Edições UP, Porto.

Podcast 'Autores UPorto'

The Lisbon maps Pdfthe Porto maps Pdf.

Avaliação em planeamento urbano.jpg

Oliveira V (2011) Avaliação em planeamento urbano, Edições UP, Porto. Pdf

Bringing city form back into planning

Pinho P, Oliveira V (eds.) (2011) Bringing city form back into planning, FEUP Edições, Porto.

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Pinho P, Oliveira V (eds.) (2010) Planning in times of uncertainty, FEUP Edições, Porto.

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Pinho P, Oliveira V (eds.) (2009) Evaluation in planning, FEUP Edições, Porto. Pdf



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